Drag Queen Bingo Online

QUEENS! Online

Grab a cocktail, purchase your digital bingo card, get comfy – it’s time for some Bingo QUEENS live!

Public Bingos are a thing of the past. We’ve gone to private hosted Bingo Parties only. Interested? Click Here.


I’m A Drag Queen
I want to Host a Bingo

Host your own bingo with us and make some money! 

Drag Queen Bingo with a purpose. Play, win, donate.
We’re all stuck inside, so might as well have
some fun playing bingo with a drag queen!

Play With Friends

Invite your friends to play and chat with them during the game. Drag queens are ready to entertain while you play a virtual game of DRAG BINGO!

Giving Back

We know there are so many people financially hurting, that’s why we are donating back to the LGBTQ+ community during this time.

Having Fun

We understand the need to continue to have an escape and fun during this crazy moment in time. View our calendar and play with us weekly!

I Want to Host a Bingo

Host your own bingo for your company online! Don’t worry, we can keep it PG without sacrificing FUN for corporations.